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 Cross, Wilma – Missions to the World, Ruhama Mercy Ministries, Chile

For more than four decades, God has used Wilma to bring the healing power of gospel grace to the men and women of Chile,, a country that is aching for physical and spiritual renewal. her ministry was focused in two key areas for many years: women’s prison evangelism and the Ruhama House, a rehabilitation home for girls. A gifted teacher, Wilma now devotes most of her time to teaching and counseling, each year ministering to hundreds of individuals suffering under the weight of sin evangelism, Wilma helps Chileans from all walks of life understand and receive the grace, mercy, and forgiveness that God offers in His Son, Jesus Christ.

As Wilma pursues God’s call to meet bot physical and spiritual needs, she is witnessing an expansion of the mercy ministries offered by the Ruhama staff and volunteers to respond to opportunities and needs as God calls and empowers them to be His ambassadors of mercy. They have joined relief efforts in the aftermath of natural disasters, helped with nutrition and healthcare counseling, and engaged the battle to prevent human trafficking, among others.

Today Wilma is focusing on sharing gospel grace to generations to come, and is working to create a sustainable ministry that will continue to advanced gospel work. Her goal is to expand Ruhama’s reach by developing a Ruhama leadership team and by identifying individuals that can start and carry on new mercy ministries as the Lord leads and equips them. She is already seeing the fruit of these efforts, as many Ruhama’s former staff are now working in some area of mercy in Chile or abroad.

Her prayer request remains “whenever I open my mouth, words may be given to me, so that i will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel.” Ephesians 6:19

Wilma’s Partners in Ministry (WPM)

McLean Presbyterian Church, 1020 balls Hill Road.

McLean, VA 22101, 703-821-0800

Casilla 211-13, San Miguel, Santiago 8900000, CHILE

Phone/Fax: 011-56-22-522-5060




David, Dr. Jeff & Barbi – The Caribbean Initiative – Newsletter / Contact



The Caribbean Initiative seeks to strengthen the Evangelical Church in Cuba by providing pastors and church planters theological courses and biblical reference materials within a context of intentional mentoring relationships. We hope to enable hundreds of Cuban pastors and church planters to carry out their charge of calling men and women to faith in Christ and edifying the church with wisdom and understanding.


Our strategy is to train mentors to lead small groups of leaders in student-centered, participatory education. Course material is provided by Third Millennium Ministries ( Our aim is to supply this material through tablets, DVD’s, and other available technologies. However, technology and video resources alone will not meet the need of the Cuban Evangelical Church; they must be united with a strategy that guides and a structure that sustains. Our strategy combines four tightly interwoven components: excellent academic content, significant learning experiences, character formation, and the development of a skill-set appropriate for ministry in Cuba.


The Evangelical church is growing at a steady pace across Cuba as church planters open house churches called “casa cultos.”  Yet most Cuban church planters have not had the opportunity to study in an established seminary or biblical institute, and they lack basic reference materials enjoyed by North American pastors. The success of the “casa cultos” movement and the need for biblical material makes it imperative to adopt a creative approach to theological education. The Caribbean Initiative meets this need.

 Kim, Paul & Sarah, Lydia and Timothy- Global Partners USA –

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Stoms, Jay & laura – African Christian Training Institute, South Africa – Newsletter/ Video Blog

Peter & Cindy – Middle East (For protection we do not post their newsletter)

Perry, Betty – Italy (For protection we do not post their newsletter)


Tombing, Khen & Rith – Presbyterian Church, Manipur India – Newsletter

Khen is Presbyterian Mission International’s first missionary; he completed his M.Div. in 1986 and a Th.M. degree three years later. Since that time, Khen has labored in Manipur, in northeast India. Despite great persecution, he has actively participated in the planting of over 36 churches in India and 12 churches in Myanmar. He began more than 10 Christian primary schools for the poor in rural villages. He is also the founding President of Reformed Bible Institute and of the Presbyterian Church of India’s Christian College and Christian High School.

Khen is the Chief Coordinator of the Presbyterian Church in India (Reformed) and his responsibility is to make sure all ministries under the Presbyterian Church in India go and grow smoothly. His wife, Rith, serves as Secretary of Women in the Church of the Presbyterian Church in India where she is actively participating in the church’s ministry of Transforming and Empowering Women in the Church.