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The PCA Administrative Committee – Our Ministry: Connecting PCA People, Churches, and Ministries


Together, the hundreds of thousands of people and churches and ministries of the PCA make up a growing, vibrant part of the body Christ.  But what is it that ties them all together?

Our Presbyterian doctrine of the Church calls for common standards of Reformed theology, connectional government, and cooperative ministry.  And to put this doctrine into practice, we need a solid infrastructure – one that guards our purity and connects us in cooperative ministry so we can move forward together in progress.  Who provides this infrastructure?

That is the privilege of the PCA Administrative Committee.

Administration is one of the gifts given by God for the building up of His body, the Church.  And administration is our ministry.  Through our various functions the AC provides an infrastructure that connects and supports PCA churches, presbyteries, teaching and ruling elders, lay workers, and ministries.

Designated as the “service committee to the General Assembly and the denomination,” the AC exists to serve the people and ministries of the PCA as they carry out our church’s mission to be “faithful to the Scriptures, true to the Reformed faith, and obedient to the Great Commission.”

Whether you are a pastor or a layperson, the AC is here to minister to you. 

Just like every other PCA ministry, the AC relies on voluntary gifts from our churches and from individuals for our very existence.  We, too, must live by faith.  And we are dependent on your prayers, your encouragement, and your financial support to make our ministry possible.

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MNA Vision Statement- Serving the Church to Advance God’s Kingdom


MNA: Serving the Church to Advance God’s Kingdom
…with one mind striving side by side for the faith of the Gospel. (Philippians 1:27)

OUR CALLING: MNA coordinates church planting and missional partnerships to serve PCA churches and presbyteries in North America in their mission to grow and multiply biblically healthy churches.

OUR VISION: That God, by His grace and for His own glory, will transform the PCA into a grassroots church planting culture.


  • To see all PCA churches become houses of prayer for all the nations (Mark 11:7), embracing a Great Commission vision.
  • To see people coming to Christ from the many diverse communities and people groups of North America.
  • To impact the centers of influence in North America.
  • To see churches planted in all regions of North America.


MNA provides resources and guidance to churches and presbyteries as they:

  • Recruit church planters.
  • Assess church planter candidates and their spouses.
  • Train and assist church planters in their Fundraising.
  •  Seek God’s guidance in Placing the church planter.
  •  Provide church planter Training.
  • Support and encourage the church planter through Coaching.
  • And encourage the ongoing vision through Mentoring church planters