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North West Church Planting –  Website

OUR Call

Beauty, Creativity, Need and Opportunity in the “None Zone”

The Northwest has a reputation for being beautiful, edgy, technologically savvy and uninterested in the Gospel. Most locals are refreshingly open to discussing “spiritual things” but very few attend a church of any kind. Known as the “None Zone” because more people mark “None” as their religious affiliation than any other part of the country, the ethos of the Northwest resists the Church’s presence in the marketplace of ideas. Instead, most people prefer an individualized, often amorphous spirituality.

In the late 1990s God began to call his Church to meet these challenges by calling his people back to the New Testament model of fulfilling the Great Commission through church planting. Evangelical traditions of every stripe are responding by launching a foundational generation of new congregations that will embed the Northwest with the “viral” Christianity that has changed individuals, cities and cultures since Paul’s first missionary journey.

Our network is part of that movement and has planted 11 missions since 2004. Looking forward, we are preparing for our part of the multi-generational of church planting God has laid before us. This prospectus introduces our mission. Please read it and pray.

Reformed University Fellowship- University of Washington- MSN –  Website


RUF is a group of students on the campus of the University of Washington that long to know and love Christ, be changed by him through community, live for a cause greater than themselves, and learn how the gospel impacts every aspect of the culture here at the UW.

RUF strives to provide a safe place where the convinced and unconvinced can come together to process Jesus and experience his gospel of grace. Hope to see you soon!

What we do


RUF exists to announce and demonstrate to the world the words and work of Jesus as well as provide the basis for the transformation of the world and the “healing of the nations.”


RUF helps students fall deeper in love with Jesus and develop a lifelong faith. Who wouldn’t want to help do that?


RUF sends ordained campus ministers to campuses in order to communicate the gospel and to pastor students through their college years with the purpose of equipping them for a lifetime of ministry within the local church and world. Seminary training enables campus ministers to effectively anticipate and address the questions and challenges students face in a university setting.


Granberry Chris & Mary – Sacred Road Ministries –

In 1855, the Yakama people, along with 13 other tribes and bands, signed a treaty with the United States government which established the Yakama Reservation at the foot of Mt. Adams in south central Washington state. Since that time, the culture, families, and dreams of the Yakama people have steadily disintegrated.

The goal of Sacred Road Ministries is to be a unified and growing community of believers who have a passion for God, for each other, and for the lost, and who are prepared and equipped to serve the Lord by ministering in the community of Native America and the world. The Sacred Road team reaches out to the community through: Hope Fellowship church services; children’s ministry, youth ministry; Kingdom Kids after-school program; a variety of acts of service and mercy; recruiting, hosting and organizing one week service teams, etc.

We believe that the good news of the gospel is very powerful and can bring life, hope, and change to the reservation.  In Isaiah 58 God tells His people that if they “extend themselves” or “pour themselves out” for their needy and oppressed neighbors that He can and will redeem and restore their broken community.

Behind every successful church planting work, there is a strong team of believers who are: praying faithfully, investing financially, and supporting physically. We need you to join our team and pray, give, and/or come.

Covenant PCA (Walla Walla) –  Website


Covenant Presbyterian exists to increase the glory of God and His enjoyment in Walla Walla and the world.  By the grace of God we will fulfill this purpose.

We are committed to:

  • The historic truths of the Christian faith
  • A gospel driven philosophy of ministry
  • God-centered, multi-generational worship
  • The faithful preaching and teaching of the Word of God
  • Competent pastoral care for our members
  • World missions and church planting
  • Works of mercy and service within our community
  • A community of believers who support and encourage one another
  • An authentic and unpretentious approach to the Christian life
  • A place where people can come to know Christ