Seminars/Special Teachings

Note: As of 04/16/18 Living Hope Presbyterian Church is no longer meeting for services. You can find another PCA to visit by going to

Sermon Series on the Holy Spirit

Sermon 1: Yearn for the Spirit’s Power in Your Life

Sermon 2: Believe Winsome Gospel Living Flows from a Heart Renewed by the Holy Spirit

Sermon 3: Live as Though God is with You Permanently

Sermon 4: Daily Ask the Holy Spirit to Testify that You Are a Child of God

Sermon 5: Yield Moment by Moment to the Spirit

Sermon 6: Be Encouraged at the Holy Spirit’s Perseverance and patience

Sermon 7: Don’t Grieve the Spirit Who Sealed You

Sermon 8: Use Your Grace Gifts for God’s Glory

Sermon 9: Enjoy keeping in Step with the Spirit

Sermon 10: Understand the Ultimate Reason the Holy Spirit Came Upon You 

Sermon Series on Communion

Sermon 1: Understand Passover Background

Sermon 2: Embrace Jesus’ Desire to Eat

Sermon 3: Expect True Communion

Sermon 4: Jesus’ View of God’s Gifts

Sermon 5: Build Up Each Other in Christ

Dr. Peter Jones Lectures: 9/25/15 – 9/27/15

Session 1: Cultural Implications of Oneism and Twoism

Understanding the differences between Oneism and Twoism will enable us to more clearly see the roots of many differences in Western Culture. In this session Dr. Jones will help us distinguish core beliefs of Oneism and Twoism and will help us see how these beliefs map out in culture.

Session 2: Gospeling Your Increasingly Pagan Neighbor

Most of our neighbors do not share a Christian or Twoist worldview. With so many of our basic assumptions different, how can we proclaim the gospel to them in a helpful manner? Dr. Jones will gives us some wisdom on understanding and gospeling our Pacific Northwest neighbors.

Session 3: Sorry, no audio for this session.

Session 4: Christians and the Ecology Movement

How are Christians to think about the world in which we live? Should we be concerned about ecological matters at all? If so, how much? Dr. Jones will help us unknot some of these challenging questions during this session.

Preach the Gospel To Yourself: 8/22/15

Session 1: Why Preach The Gospel To Yourself?

Session 2: What If Gospel Truths Just Bounce Off Of Me With No Impact?

Session 3: How Do You Preach The Gospel To Yourself?