Note: As of 04/16/18 Living Hope Presbyterian Church is no longer meeting for services. You can find another PCA to visit by going to

When We Meet

Time Event Location
9:30 am Sunday School Adults-sanctuary
Youth-lower level in the Fellowship Hall
11 am Worship Service Sanctuary
12:30 pm Coffee Fellowship Hospitality Room

Where We Meet & What to Expect

2656 SW 104th St
Seattle, WA 98146

What To Expect

The form of our Sunday morning service is pretty consistent from week to week. As far as clothing is concerned, you can wear whatever your conscience deems appropriate.

The service starts with some brief announcements and a few minutes to shake the hand of a friend or a stranger. Then we move in and out of singing, reading, praying and hearing God’s word taught. After the sermon, we receive communion (on a weekly basis it is served) and then the offering is taken. A final song is sung and then the service concludes. Typically coffee and snacks are served while we all hang out for a while after the service, and on occasion we have a full potluck meal.

Every week the service is structured to ensure that all who attend will have a chance to confess their sins privately to God, to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ publicly pronounced by the pastor or elders, to sing praises to the God who saved them, and to receive the communion elements, which point to His sacrificial death.


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